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Lara Tees is a visual artist and creates contemporary landscape paintings from her Melbourne studio. Lara’s inspiration comes from the colours and textures of the landscape. Working from personal reference material and recollection, her paintings are characterised by layers, textures and subtle colour blends.

Lara’s paintings capture the experience of being in a place and the feelings that it evokes. Her current exhibition “Memory Box” reflects her personal connection to the Mornington Peninsula, a landscape that continues to inspire her work. 

Born and raised in South Africa, Lara moved to Australia in 2004. Her family is widely dispersed across 3 continents, and this influences her work. She is interested in themes of memory and connection — what it feels like to search for a place to belong, a place to call home.


Lara's landscapes have been described as atmospheric, emotional and evocative, and her work has been shown in various exhibitions and galleries across Victoria. 

Lara is a member of the Victorian Artists Society, and a committee member of Melbourne and Victorian Artists Inc (MAVA). .


Lara's art has been featured in various exhibitions and galleries, including the Victorian Artists Society, The Art Room, and the Camberwell Art Show.


2024    Solo exhibition - Conduit Gallery @ The Art Room, 1 June to 6 July



2024    'Seeing is Believing' at Quadrant Gallery (Group) - July 2024

2024    Camberwell Art Show (Select)



2024    Victorian Artists Society - Autumn Select exhibition

2024    A-4 Addict Extended Galleries Art Show

2024    Victorian Artists Society - George Hicks Contemporary exhibition

2024    Victorian Artists Society - Summer exhibition 

2024    Mornington Art Show (Select)

2024    Sorrento Art Show (Select)

2023    Linden New Art Gallery Postcard Show

2023    Now and Not Yet (NaNY) Gallery Summer Group Show (Select) 

2023    Fly Little Bird Gallery - Little Pieces exhibition

2023    Albert Park College Art Show (Select) 

2023    The Art Room - Members Exhibition, and Open Studios Exhibition

2023    MiRA gallery - Alliance (Marysville Information & Regional Artspace)

2023    Camberwell Art Show (Select)

2023    Victorian Artists Society - Winter Select exhibition

2023    Victorian Artists Society - 9" X 5" exhibition

2023    Victorian Artists Society - New Members Exhibition

2023    The Art Room - Members Exhibition

2023    Victorian Artists Society - George Hicks Contemporary exhibition

2023    Brunswick Street Gallery, Small Works

2022    fortyfivedownstairs - SMALL!

2019    Victorian Artists Society - Spring Select exhibition

2019    Victorian Artists Society - Winter Select exhibition

Unforgotten places
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